Indonesia as video game developer

This is actually is part of my “kolokium” but i wanted people to read it and give them my opinion about it..

Video games, computers and internet are now just a part of our everyday modern life that we take for granted. We never noticed that these have change the way we live for the last 30 years. Video game is now growing so rapidly thanks to the technologic expansion that our way of life has achieved. And now new types of entrepreneur are making gold out of this global phenomenon. Bill Gates of Microsoft is one of these entrepreneurs who changed direction and started to plunged in this industry by developing Microsoft Xbox as a new comer gaming console for the last 4 years.

Video game has emerged to its own industry and transforms the face of future business. Big companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Atari, Nintendo, Sega is competing each other to achieve total supremacy in this global competition industry. Traditional games are starting to be abandoned; board games, card games and etc have no longer the first priority of entertainment options. The convergence of video games technology as entertainment is one of the hearts of our evolving encounter with technology in our daily life.

As an acknowledgement of this phenomenon, Indonesia tries to participate in this digital entertainment industry. So far as it goes, the only participating way for Indonesia is by consuming these video games. This is supported by the fact that Indonesia is one of the countries that has the biggest basis of amateur video gamers in Southeast Asia. Where many known video games console such as Sony Play station and Microsoft Xbox are owned by middle to upper class society. Video game rentals and arcades are easily found on the side of the streets with its cheap cost of rent so everyone can play. Indonesia has always been the costumer to sell to and failed to come up with fresh idea of a video game of their own. It is been said that we lack the knowledge and of course the capital to fund a game development. And by that reason people who are in the business of video games in Indonesia never been more than a game retailer and supplier.

In reality, Indonesia is eager to participate in this Industry. This action is supported by the government by setting up to open a study of Video Gaming for High School and Universities. Indonesia is looking forward to be a producer of this global Industry, not just a retailer anymore. Will our nation has what it takes? or will it be just another topic that stay “untouched”. To be frank, i am quite eager to see Indonesia as one of the biggest game developer in, at least asia for the future. Afterall video game Industry is a creative industry.


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