The Most Creative Company

Hellboy, this is the movie I watched last week. Another comic adaptation movie that was made this year alongside with batman and wanted. Up until now this now, this movie has made 200 million US dollars income. Although in my opinion the second movie was not better than the first one. So what’s this got to do with the most creative company? Like I said before, this movie is a comic adaptation. And the company who is responsible for the comic release is Dark Horse Comics.

When I was given this question, I came up with a several answers. Several name of companies that might considered likely to be as the most creative company. At first I would say that EA Games, the biggest game developer in America, as the most creative company. But it turns out that EA Games has made several controversial decisions and some malpractice over the year, based on information in After that I just stop considering EA Games as a creative company anymore. And then I watched the sequel of the first Hellboy movie about two weeks back. At the end of the movie, during the credit, I saw the name of Dark Horse comics as the one who held the license of hellboy. It sounded familiar though, so I try to look for info about Dark Horse comics. It turns out that Dark Horse also published other titles such as 300, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and of course Star Wars.

Dark Horse Comics is an independent comic book publisher, founded by Mike Richardson. Initially, this publisher was financed by the profit of Mike Richardson’s comic book store. He invested his profit from his comic book store so he can build Dark Horse. Although not having their own character of super heroes, they manage to publish many stories of super powered characters through licensing. And it goes along very well for the company. Nowadays, Dark Horse comic is one of the largest independent comic book publishers behind Marvel and DC. Dark Horse also have film arm called Dark Horse Entertainment. This film arm is the one who produced films of Dark Horse Comics including The Mask and Hellboy.

So what makes me think that this independent comic publisher is the most creative company? It’s because of the way this company has emerged to become one of the largest independent comic publishers from just a small time comic shop. They probably not as famous like Marvel Comics but they have made more films than Marvel’s. Movies such as Aeon Flux, Aliens, Godzilla, Digimon, Xena, King Kong, Terminator and other licensed properties that was made both as serial TV show or as Box Office Movies.

The fact that the company is being independent makes it more attractive for a comic creator. Because they tend to be more flexible than a majority of other comic publisher and let the comic creator as imaginative as they can. So that way, they can sustain their well known creativity to make new story line and developed new characters. All of that is to entertain comic book fans all over the world with their new creation of fantasy.


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