The Arsene Wenger way

The recently global crisis have affected a lot of business sectors. And that does not exclude european footbal clubs.  English Premier League has the most foreign investors owning their local football clubs. Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Newcastle, Aston Villa are all owned by foreigner from outside England. and now they are in a brink of financial problems because their investors are having difficulties of financing their clubs. English Premier League has the most expenditure compare to any other erupean league, they even have the most debt of all. The biggest debt came from the 4 major club of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Luckily their investors are not even considering to sell these clubs because of the clubs own achievement. However the financial crisis has made these 4 clubs to spent their money wisely.

In order to to make money these clubs have to win championship. To win championship, they need quality players. And to buy quality players, they need lots of money. Well, not according to Arsene Wenger anyway. He prefer to buy unknown young players and then trained them to be the best. That way, he doesn’t have to spent much on transfers unless he is desperate. He’s been doing this since ages ago, i remembered when he bought Thiery Henry from Juventus. At first he was no one, but after years of training he became “King Henry” as arsenal fans used to call him. And then there is Cesc Fabregas, he get him for free from Barcelona Youth team after that he train him for at least a year. Now, he have become a vital player in Arsenal. Arsene Wenger even sold Patrick Viera because he is very confident with Fabregas’s ability. He continue to do this until now, and keep finding new talents to recruit and make them a football star.  This season he bought Carlos Vela, Aaron Ramsey to the arsenal squads. Not to mention there are also other players such as Nicklas Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby awaiting their time to shine. Nowadays if an Arsenal scout comes to their club, their starting to worried because they know that they might lose a good player with a minimum price.

This has been going for at leat 10 years now, and now Arsenal has a new nickname refering to their youth players, “The Young Gunners”. This transfer policy Arsene Wenger undergoing is starting to capture attention from other English Clubs Managers. Manchester United who is sucsesfull with their “class of 92” also try to do the same. But Alex Ferguson is still spend his money too much on young players. Cristiano Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani, Rooney, all bought under 21 years old and still they did not come cheap. Arsene Wenger is not a “spender” type, he invest on players by training them instead of buying them with a hefty sum of money. This managerial ability of his can be considered as level 5 creativity. Inspired those to do the same as he is, even make other managers be creative and came up with thier own transfer method. This is coming handy, especially at these time of financial crisis where we can’t spent too much to buy players anymore. It turns out that the Profesor is both genius and creative.


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