Creativity is a gift of mind..or a curse??

You can be creative in certain way, but first before we discuss about being creative, we should choose our interest focus. What are you interested in? is is music? Sports? Dancing? Writing? that is completely up to you. While I want to be creative in both Music, especially in playing guitar, and in sports. Well i do both of sports and musics for fun but that doesn’t mean that i don’t wanna be good at those two. If i’m good at something than i would feel that i can achieve something in addition to the creativity that i have. I always try to do my best when i’m working on something.  But that is not enough, i still need to be creative to be good on something. it some gift that i need to achieve instead of being given.

Creative people are made not born according to some people. And that is one thing that i’m truly hold until today. And that being a gift has made it dangerous, a dangerous gift. When creativity is owned by poor moraled people they would use it to do crimes instead of using it for a good purpose. The most common act of crime that they usually done is, PIRACY! Yes it’s the one thing that still hard to exterminate. Creative people make their creation and others just “creatively” hijack their creation. Hijackers are also creative you know. Nowadays there are a lot of pirated movies available on the market. You can even download a movie from the internet without paying a cent.  So what happens to the creative people who made the movies? did they get paid for their creativity? the answer would be no. Refering to that fact i would said that any form of piracy would kill our creativity juice especially in entertainment industry. it would change the gift of mind to a curse that would run out dry. So lets fight against piracy!!


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3 Responses to “Creativity is a gift of mind..or a curse??”

  1. blog lo bukan garingan,man??


    baca postingan terbaru gw yeee

  3. ahaha. ayo maaan, lanjutkan postingan-berantai inii!

    untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, baca postingan terakhir gw..

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