Creative people are made?!

Recently, i saw all my friend’s blog and it was great. All of them is very great and creative on their own way. I started to wonder, why can they be so creative and blessed with plentyful of idea. That makes me wondering, how can i be as creative as they can. And so i started to search of how to be creative on the web and i found these from wikiHOW.  Here are somethings that we can do to develop our creative side.

  1. Create lists – you can expand your creativity greatly and get that side working by making up a list whenever you have a problem which needs some creative thinking, list down as many ideas as you possibly can for solutions and let your creativity flow.
  2. Make changes in your life – sometimes we can get a creative block if we are stuck in a rut, make some changes to your daily life to get the channels flowing again.
  3. Work on the bad ideas – even if you are only coming up with bad ideas you are still being creative so work on the bad ones and develop them, whose to say it is a bad idea anyway, it could turn into a great idea and solution to your problems.
  4. Work in a group – working in a group and brainstorming together is a great way to develop creativity.
  5. Challenge yourself and others – if you challenge yourself by telling yourself you can’t do something the way you always have done it, you will then have to think of new ways to get around the problem which can lead to some very creative suggestions.
  6. Doodle – if you are stuck for ideas to a solution then keep a pen and paper handy and let your imagination clear and doodle ideas on the paper, it’s surprising what you will come up with if you free your mind this way.
  7. Using Crayons as Lincoln Logs!

    Encourage the thinking side of your brain – the right side of your brain is where the creativity starts so give it a jolt and wake it up by activating using the left side, try breathing out using only your left nostril a few times.

  8. Hire a life coach – if you feel your creativity is truly depleted then consider hiring a life coach to help you find it, a life coach can help you to establish the areas where your creativity is lacking and work with you to strengthen it.
  9. Think like a child – let go of all your adult obligations, stresses, strains and worries and go back to your childhood, children have the best imaginations and their creativity knows no bounds, think like a child when you are stuck for creative ideas and they will soon flow freely once again.
  10. Relax – creativity can often become depleted if we are under great stress, learning a relaxation technique not only makes you feel better but can help to clear your mind, give you a fresh start and get your creative side flowing again.
  11. Use some mind games – keep a few mind games to hand such as logic puzzles, by taking your mind off your problem and solving a puzzle you are using your brain and using your brain leads to positive and creative thinking.

There you go, some info and steps to develop our creativity. Or you can also browse on wikiHows to find out what you are interested in and how to do that. I personally agree with those steps above and eager to do it myself.  I want to be creative so i made myself creative. Thanks to wikiHow for the info!


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